Nudie Print Slouchie Tee

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Model - Katie - Sz L

From the DazeyLA site:

Top quality clothing handmade in Los Angeles in small batches. At Dazey we embrace slow fashion methods to bring our customers high quality, eco-friendly clothing. Every purchase at Dazey is in support of small, female owned business made with the environment in mind, so you can feel good about where your hard-earned dollars go! 


This is apart of our Summer 2020 Divinity collection. Feminine energy represents intuition, nurture, connection, and collaboration. Since the dawn of time women have been depicted as goddesses and creators of life. Graceful and powerful figures inspiring some of the deepest emotions and greatest works of art. This collection is a celebration of the potent and powerful divine feminine.

Nudes graphic/print:

A celebration of the female form, hand drawn sketchbook-style by Dani Dazey. Available as both a graphic tee print and all-over design. As far as print’s go this is the first time we have created massive jumbo-sized screens in order to block print our patterns onto our buttery organic cotton jersey fabric. It turned out more beautiful than we could have imagined and are so proud. Can't wait for you to see it in person! 

Slouchie Tee fits loose like a vintage boyfriend tee. 100% Organic Cotton. Made in Los Angeles. Hand drawn graphic. Super soft hand feel.